How We Got Started

Well first, after searching for many years for a home on an old country road we found our little slice of paradise in May of 2012.

In July of 2013 while celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary on Block Island we fell in love with alpacas while visiting North Light Fibers.  We began researching alpacas as soon as we got back from our trip and spent the next year visiting alpaca farms throughout New England.

In May 2014 we bought our first 4 alpacas from Morning Beckons in Connecticut. We purchased fiber boys - Remington (brown), Onyx (black), Pretty Boy (Fawn) and Prince Charming (Light Grey). We brought them home in August 2014 once the perimeter fencing and sheds were completed.

John loves the outdoors he began tapping Maple trees on the property and he added a pumpkin patch.

In May 2015 we added two more fiber boys to our herd, Ashton (white) and Revvy (dark grey).

In September 2015 we participated in our first National Alpaca Farm Days - it's a weekend that alpaca farms across the country open to the public.  It's a great opportunity for people to meet alpacas and learn about their luxurious fiber.  This was a great opportunity for us to sell our farm products as well!

Since then our Maple Syrup production has moved from buckets to lines and our pumpkin patch has doubled in size. 

We're excited to bring our local products to you as we continue to grow our business...stay tuned! 

Read below about our partnership with a fiber pool in Massachusetts!

Quissett Hill Farm contributes a portion of our annual fiber harvest to the New England Alpaca Fiber Pool (NEAFP) each year. As a grower of the raw material, we care for the alpacas year round (and are highly entertained by them) as we feed them, clean up after them, maintain their pastures and sheds, take care of their monthly health needs, and have them sheared once a year. After the annual shearing, we skirt and hand-sort the fleeces determining its best use, whether it be sent to a mill for yarn or roving, sold as raw fleece for hand spinning or sent to the fiber pool. At NEAFP, the fiber is sorted by color, grade, then hand-baled, scoured, spun and then finally, either machine knit or woven into beautiful, high quality alpaca products that we make available to you for purchasing!