• Felted Milled Organic Soap


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    Aloe & Cucumber - A light, refreshing scent of aloe with a hint of sweet cucumber

    Rosemary, Cedar & Thyme - Powerful, spicy, herbaceous scent

    Lavender & Chamomile - the combination creates a sweet, peaceful, dreamy scent. 

    Fresh Milk & Shea - A delicate fresh, clean fragrance

    Honey & Oatmeal - Honey is a heal-all! A pleasing scent & great for dry, itchy skin

    Plain Jane Goat’s Milk - Udderly nourishing proteins, minerals & vitamins soothe sensitive skin also great for those that don't want a fragrance

    Our soaps made by Pacabella are triple milled for a luxurious lather & made with certified organic materials, essential oils & moisturizing elements. They are wrapped in alpaca fiber provided by our farm’s alpacas! The soap lathers through the antimicrobial fiber gently exfoliating your skin– it's like having a washcloth with soap inside! The fiber will shrink as the soap is used, leaving you with a soft scrubby.  Store your soap on a soap dish to allow to dry out. ENJOY!