• Alpaca Yarn Bulky Weight


    This new All Natural Bulky Weight Knitter's Yarn is made using U.S. Grown Alpaca blended with U.S. Merino Wool. It's soft, warm, and cozy and the bulky sized yarn is great for your quick knitting projects!  After sharing with our knitting friends for test projects, the comments were: Buttery Soft, Smooth, Consistent, Bright, & great for finishing up a pattern fast.

    Skeins are 3.5 oz and approximately 105-110 yards each. This yarn is a 3 ply, giving it strength and consistency making it versatile for a wide range of knitting projects.

    Contents: 70% US Alpaca, 30% US Merino
    Suggested Needle Size: US 9 to 11
    Suggested Hook Size: US K-10.5 to M-13